Saturday, January 30, 2016

father and daughter - tempera


Sara Bousova said...

Hi Manuela,
first I must tell I'm your big fan. I love your work. So… I'm just in Senior Year in Toy maker branch, and I have to complete some answers to questions from Art theory, they will ask me later. One of the questions is My favourite artist and I choose you. But unfortunately, I can't find much about you on internet.
I was thinking, if you would be that lovely and tell me something about you. I could talk about your art for many hours, but they want to hear something from the life.
I will understand, if you say no. But if would be so perfect.
With many greetings
Sára Boušová

a room of my own said...

Hi Sara,

I'm sorry I read your message just now, I hope it is not too late to answer to your questions, I'll be happy to tell you what you need.
I really appreciate that you have chosen me.
I leave you my email I usually reply quickly, but this time, I didn't see your message before. I'm sorry about it.

Good luck for everything