Thursday, December 4, 2014

snow white and the huntsman - WSKids


Anonymous said...

I recently bought a book with your illustrations (Pinocchio). It will be a beautiful gift for my little daughter for Christmas. Nowadays it's dificult to find something really esthetic for children.
Thank you that I can give her that book!

a room of my own said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful words about my illustrations. I really hope your daughter will enjoy Pinocchio! I wish you both a magical new year.

Helene said...

I am leaving in Australia, and found your books in my bookstore here in Brisbane.I LOVE your style. I have bought Pinocchio and Snow White. Next one will be Alice in Wonderland. And I all keep them for me. They are amazing even for adults. Thank you for your beautiful art.

a room of my own said...

Hey Helene,

I'm so glad to know that adults like my books too! Thanks.

Happy new year :-)